EL srl Engineering Service is an engineering company active in the design of high-tech plants and, more specifically, of electrical and special systems for a variety of ambits. The company’s aim is to supply an advanced engineering support with technological planning across its development, from feasibility study to executive phase.


Luigi Arduino – President
– Engineer
– Technical Manager
Sergio Berno – Vicepresident
– Engineer
– Technical Manager
Renzo Zorzi – CEO
– Engineer
– Technical Manager
Tiziano Manassero – Engineer
– Design Engineer and
Senior Project Manager
Cosma Chiummo – Engineer
– Design Engineer Senior
and Project Manager

The concrete approach at the client’s service

EL srl Engineering Service adopts the concrete approach, based on sound organization, on qualified professional know-how, on swiftness of tender execution and on consolidated processes. The company uses the most cutting-edge IT systems and develops its own BIM projects.


The experience acquired working alongside Italy’s top engineering companies has enabled EL. srl Engineering Service to develop the high level of professional expertise that now characterises its entire offer of services


EL. srl Engineering Service develops Building Information Modelling (BIM) projects, ensuring optimised management of interventions and cutting costs and timing. Thanks to global data sharing, it also manages to considerably reduce margins of error.


Thanks to the technical and specialist know-how they have acquired in the course of the years, EL. srl Engineering Service’s professionals are in a position to at every phase of the development of large-scale tenders. The company is also available for temporary consultancy for the solving of specific contingent problems.